Cute Yet Rude Selfshot Pic

Cute But Rude Selfshot

Cute But Rude Selfshot Pic

Why is she so rude? Normally, I would tell you how cute this Asian babe is, but now, my feelings are hurt. How dare she flip me off like that? She doesn’t even know how much of an ass I am yet. Women typically don’t flip me off until several minutes of me talking to them. Not this girl though. Hell no, she has the bird at the ready, knowing someone would be trolling her Facebook profile for photos. Or, maybe this selfshot pic was intended purely for her friends. Which makes it all the more bloody mean. Either way, I think we can all agree that it’s ridiculously arrogant behavior for someone standing alone in a bathroom, taking photos of herself.

Skinny Douche Flipping Us Off

Here’s a skinny, rather scrawny and angry douchebag in his underwear flipping us off or, since it’s a self shot pic, maybe he’s merely flipping himself off. He has a horrific hair style and his undies are too small for his twink-ish frame, so it’s pretty brave of this waif to be expressing his vague hatred toward the world in this manner.

Rude Young Mother

I’m fairly certain my mother didn’t spend her days flipping off the mirror and taking photos of herself when I was a baby. One would hope not. But look at this rude young mother, standing in a cluttered room surrounded by baby clothes and diaper bags. She thinks she’s the shit. She very well may be something spectacular, but when the background of your photo is a mess, so are you. (I wonder if she’s single. I have a penchant for single, young moms.)

I Hate the Mirror

What other possible explanation is there for flipping yourself off in the mirror than hatred of the mirror? Sure, you might hate yourself, but if that was true, you’d be off somewhere cutting yourself, not sitting in your bedroom doing self-shot photos with your tongue hanging out like a complete tool.

Air Humping Douchebags

Air Humping Douchebags

Air Humping Douchebags

There really is nothing hotter than air grinding a babe on the fin of a large fake shark. She’s obviously enjoying this bit of douchebaggery as well; you can see her tongue hanging out while skinny boy pumps her from behind. One wonders if her tongue hangs out during real coitus?